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The brutal truth is that online translation software and automated text translators don't work. Well, they do up to a point. They are good for translating single words. However, when it comes to blocks of text, these automated offerings simply do not understand linguistics or grammar well enough to give accurate translations.

For websites, documents, advertising material, instruction manuals or anything that is going to shine a spotlight on your company, you need to employ a bonafide, human translator. The problem is, you do not know how good their conversion is. Here are a few tips on getting a good translator on board.

  1. Make sure they are native to the country you want translating into. There are many people out there haven't even visited the country you are looking at publishing in and are just using google Translate or similar software.
  2. If possible, find a translator that is 'Government approved' in the country ro language you want.
  3. Make sure you can get an independent proof reader.

Here are a couple of companies we have used for our translations in Europe.

Eva Billqvist

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Specialist in legal, corporate and international trade translations. Also available for interpretation services.

Linda McMullan

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Specialist in advertising and marketing, retail, medical and instruction manual translations.