Quick and Easy Short Term Loans for Business and Home Owners

Payday loan lenders

Is a payday loan right for you? Can you afford to repay what is a really steep rate of interest? Is it really necessary to borrow? These are all the questions you need ot ask yourself before applying online for unsecured finance up to £1000.00 or slightly more. Can you afford to keep up with the repayments, or do you intend to?

If you feel you have no other option other than to borrow this form of high interest funding, then we have listed a few lenders below away from the mainstream companies you see advertising on TV, radio and in newspapers.

Bonga Loans

Borrowing £100.00 from Bonga and repaying it within 30 days will cost you £20.00 in interest. Click the banner above to apply online to them. Click to read more on their charges and way of funding. This is not a link to their website but an overview of their company. for more information.

Learn more about BongaLoans.

Get me to Payday

Another less mainstream lender of short term unsecured funding is Get Me To Payday. Their loans start as low as just £80.00, however you are able to borrow up to £750.00.

Typically, it will cost you around £25.00 per £100.00 borrowed from GetMeToPayday.