Quick and Easy Short Term Loans for Business and Home Owners

Useful non bridging loan resources - Finance related

All things financial but not bridging loans in directory style. Whatever you maybe looking for, be it a mortgage, remortgage, payday loan, longer term secured loans, logbook finance or car or vehicle finance, we have listed resources that maybe able to point you in the right direction.


Payday loans

A payday loan enables you to borrow small amounts, compared to bridging loans, typically up to £1000.00 which is repayable in full when you next get paid. Alternatively, you cna arrange to pay smaller monthly installments.

 Payday loans 

Vehicle finance

Whether you are looking to hire a vehicle long term, by using lease hire or personal contract purchase, or thinking about trading your current motor in for something a bit newer, or are looking to finance a brand new vehicle.

 Car loans 

Logbook loans

Becoming more and more popular, a logbook loan uses ownership of your car to secure higher than wage day advances over a short term. Typically get up to 70% of the value of your motor as a cash advance.

 Logbook loans 


Looking for mortgages away from the mainstream banks and building societies is difficult. So we have tried to list the independent lenders that can offer home and commercial mortgage plans and packages.



A long term alternative to bridging loans, we have tried to list as many remortgage companies, which includes brokers as well as lenders so you are able to either apply online or compare to your bridging quote or offer.


Secured loans

Unlike one of our bridges, secured loans are long term. Usually between 3 and 5 years. We've tried to compile a list of independent lenders and brokers who can either offer the best deal or source cheap rates.

 Secured loans 

Useful online business resources - Marketing related

For those that have found this site looking for commercial funding options, here are some links to help you progress your business reputation online as well as being able to generate and source new clientele from the World Wide Web.

Website development

If you feel that you don't get enough enquiries from your website, maybe it is time to look into the actual design of the site. Here are some excellent designers we can recommend.

 Website designers 

Online marketing

Maybe you are happy with your website, but feel it doesn't bring in enough business. Here, we have listed some highly recommend, cost effective marketing & advertising companies.

 Internet advertising 

Translation services

Do you offer a product or service that you can or do sell abroad. Speaking to foreign customers in their native guarantees an increase oversea's sales.

 Language translators 

Useful online quote resources - Insurance

Do you need to look into the possibility of lowering premiums on any type of insurance you may have, be it car, van, bike, home, business or general policies. Select a category to find cover quote platforms where by using one form, you can compare literally hundreds of policies direct from the insurers themselves.

Business insurance

No matter what business sector you are in, sometimes it is necessary to have cover for employees or for customers. Gets offers and deals online.

 Business cover 

Car insurance

Everybody wants to lower the cost of their premiums and you can through us be getting multiple quotes from mutiple insurers all from one quick and easy form.

 Car cover 

Home insurance

With or without contents insurance. Use the quotation platform to find who will offer the best deal either as two single policies or as a combined package.

 Home and contents 

Life insurance

Make sure your loved ones have at least a minimum recompense if anything did actually happen to you.

 Life cover 

Motorbike insurance

All models, All makes. Whether it is just for the short term or for a full year, compare many offers under no obligation.

 Bike cover 

Van insurance

Vans are cool, whether they are used for business or as a personal means of transport. Compare offers to lower the cost.

 Commercial vehicle cover