Quick and Easy Short Term Loans for Business and Home Owners

Non status bridging finance

No proof of income either for in the future or in the recent past. No accounts for your business. No problem. Your bridging finance can be set up based on the equity you have built up in the property you would like to use as security. 

It's called a non status bridging loan and our lender is an expert in setting this type of short term funding up for commercial entities.

The broker we use for the residential borrowing is also top of his field and is able to source over 50 lenders of non status home owner finance usually within one hour.

Non status business loans

Going through banks or building societies will leave you with no chance of funding if you cannot prove past or future income. They will literally laugh you out of the door.

However, as an independent lender, we can look at your project, combined with the equity you have built up in the property you would like to use as security and judge your application for a non status short term loan on its own unique merits.

We have a very high acceptance of non status applicants.

To discuss your needs, you can either call 0845 467 9798.

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Or you can simply send us your details through our quick online application form to see if we really can help you get the funding you need.

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We will not mess you around. If we can lend you the amount you want we will tell you quickly. We will also let you know fast if we are not able to fund your business or commercial project.

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Non status residential funding

There are many reason why a homeowner is not able to prove their income levels. We are not a company to pry. We will however treat you like you would like to be treated, with respect.

Regardless of being able to prove your income levels, our broker will source funding for you that is based purely on the equity you have in the property you would like to use as security.

Independent lenders accept lots on non status applications.

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We will even call you back if you can't get on the phone right now.

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Or, if you prefer, you can apply online immediately to see, in principal, if you would be accepted by numerous lenders for a non status residential bridging loan,

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If you do apply online, expect a call back or an email saying your quotes are ready within an hour typically. At this point, the different packages available to you can be discussed.

So click one of the buttons or call 0845 463 1714.