Quick and Easy Short Term Loans for Business and Home Owners

Business bridging loans

 For commercial bridging CLICK HERE 

Click the button above to let us know who you are, how much you need and the value of the property you would like to use as security.

From the information you send us, a quote can be prepared with a decision in principal given almost immediately.

You are not obliged to accept any offer of business funding offered to you, however FirstStopBridging., the lender that we deal with for all commercial finance are one, if not the, market leader in the short term loan market and should be able to make you an offer that is better than you have had elsewhere.

Alternatively, you call 0845 467 9798 to make contact instantly.

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Feel free to apply even if you know you have a previous bad credit rating as the funding offered is based on the equity in the property you would like to use as security and the actual LTV (Loan To Value).

We can even offer bridging refinancing, so if you have an agreement elsewhere, which is coming to the end of term, and would like to refinance, we can assist in that. We are actually specialists in it.

We can even lend to non UK residents looking to move to the UK and quickly establish a credit history.

For anything short term, business related and over a minimum value of £25,000.00  you should contact the experts. And that would be us.

Call 0845 467 9798 now or click the button above or below to get moving on your business bridging loan.

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Residential bridging finance

 For homeowner bridging CLICK HERE 

The above button will take you through to our enquiry form which asks for a few details so your quotations can be prepared.

We will work quickly and speak to over 50 lenders to find the current deals based on your circumstances and the amount you require.

Bad credit and non status are accepted, depending on the equity in the property you would like to use as security. On the home owner side of things, a bridge can be used for any purpose what so ever. So click the button above to get up to, or over 50 residential bridging loan quotes almost instantly.

Alternatively, you can call 0845 463 1714 to speak to the broker.

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Because, it is such a competitive market, using a highly respected broker like Mr. Zarihs guarantees you that you will be able to see, courtesy of Hank, exactly what each and every individual lender will offer you on your short term secured package.

Do you believe you have a poor or adverse recent borrowing history? Not a problem, Funding for home owners is based on the LTV and equity built up in the property you would like to use as security. High acceptance rate guaranteed.

We can even match lenders to people not living in the UK at this present but moving to England, Scotland or Wales and looking to establish credit history.

So if you have tried a few already, and are getting annoyed at how slow they move, or would prefer somebody else to do the hard work, try us.

Call us up 0845 463 1714 or click the button below to send us your residential bridging loans requirements.

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